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The United Nations has issued a stark warning of increased panic and a potentially worsening situation following Israel’s recent evacuation orders in Gaza. Employing social media channels and distributing leaflets, Israel’s military has mandated the evacuation of approximately 20% of Khan Younis, the primary city in southern Gaza.

Humanitarian aid organizations report that people in the region are rapidly running out of safe havens, leading to a significant surge in the number of displaced Gazans. In less than three weeks, the displacement figure has nearly doubled, reaching a staggering 1.9 million individuals.

The Israeli military’s ongoing southward push signals an expansion of ground operations, intending to cover “all areas” of the Palestinian territory. Meanwhile, Gaza is experiencing a complete shutdown of internet and communication services, as confirmed by the territory’s primary telecommunications firm. The situation is becoming increasingly dire, raising concerns about the well-being and safety of the affected population.

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