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On Saturday, a chemical tanker in the Indian Ocean reportedly fell victim to a drone strike launched from Iran, according to statements from the US military. The fire aboard the Chem Pluto was successfully extinguished, and fortunately, there were no casualties reported. Notably, Iran has not issued any comments on the incident.

Maritime security firm Ambrey highlighted that this event marks the first instance of such an attack occurring so far from the usual conflict zones. The vessel, identified as heading from Saudi Arabia to India, has been linked to Israel by the same company. It’s noteworthy that Houthi rebels in Yemen, backed by Iran and supporting Hamas in its conflict with Israel, have recently employed drones and rockets to target vessels in the Red Sea. However, this incident represents a significant geographical shift, according to Ambrey.

The Houthis have previously claimed responsibility for targeting Israel-linked vessels, citing the ongoing conflict in Gaza as a motivation. The situation adds another layer of complexity to regional tensions, prompting concerns about the evolving tactics and reach of such attacks.

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