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Massive protests erupted throughout New Zealand as demonstrators expressed their opposition to the new government’s intentions to reverse policies that had previously bolstered Indigenous rights. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Chris Luxon’s right-wing government, there are plans to reinterpret the nation’s Indigenous treaty and diminish the use of the Māori language.

Critics, particularly Māori leaders, have accused the three-party coalition of adopting an “anti-Māori” stance. Despite these claims, the government asserts its commitment to fostering improvements for both Māori and non-Māori communities.

The governing coalition’s leaders emphasize their desire to avoid dividing the nation along racial lines and have called for a comprehensive review of affirmative action policies. Tuesday’s protests saw around 300 cars disrupting traffic in Auckland, resulting in two arrests. Demonstrations also unfolded in Wellington and several other cities across the country.

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