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In a significant diplomatic move, the Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia, Cham Ugala Uriat, formally presented his credential letter to the esteemed Russian President Vladimir Putin in Addis Ababa on December 5, 2023.

President Putin Emphasizes, acknowledging Ethiopia as a longstanding and dependable partner in Africa, highlighted the profound nature of the bilateral relationship, which recently celebrated its 125th anniversary of diplomatic ties. He specifically commended the fruitful outcomes of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s official visit to Russia in July of the same year.

During the visit, a series of pivotal intergovernmental and trade agreements were established, spanning crucial sectors such as transport and logistics, telecommunications, and the peaceful use of atomic energy. President Putin expressed his satisfaction with the progress made, underscoring the usefulness and productivity of the visit in strengthening the multifaceted collaboration between Russia and Ethiopia. This development signifies a commitment to further diversify and enhance the cooperative endeavors between the two nations.

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